Baboon Makes a Mistake When Killing the Leader of a Pack of Wild Dogs and Faces Terrifying Revenge ‎

Wild dogs can live in groups of up to 100 animals and have the strongest bite force among carnivores. Will they win against the baboons?

A group of wild dogs were walking on the road when a group of baboons blocked their way, making it impossible for them to pass. Although they live in trees, baboons are also aggressive omnivores and can descend to the ground to hunt like other carnivores.

Even leopards and cheetahs have to run away if they encounter aggressive baboons. Although the number is no less than their opponents, just one baboon can “weigh” a group of wild dogs as in the case below.

Result: The pack of wild dogs could not cross the road because they were chased away by aggressive baboons, although they can live in groups of up to more than 100 individuals and have the strongest bite force among carnivores, wild dogs also must “say goodbye” to baboons!

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